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About Civitas Solutions Civitas Solutions, Inc., which markets its services nationally as The MENTOR Network, is the leading national provider of home- and community-based health and human services to must-serve individuals with intellectual, developmental, physical or behavioral disabilities and other special needs.

A former employee mentioned, "The best word to describe Civitas is disappointing. They have a great mission and the possibility of making a big difference in the lives of so many. Unfortunately they continue to make the same poor mistakes again and again. There is a complete lack of execution and the same people at the top making all the poor decisions spend little to no time talking with employees that are in the field.

If you choose to go to this company negotiate heavily on your starting salary. You will have little to no opportunity to grow your career or compensation while you are there. You should also be aware that they laid off 20% of the company in May of 2017 and there could be layoffs again in the future, but those may be delayed since so many people are leaving on their own."


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Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"The residents were wonderful and the med aides/ caregivers were hardworking and supportive. However management had no sympathy when you needed time off for emergencies. Management is unprofessional and could use work when it comes to the well being of their employees. The only thing that kept me going was seeing the smiles on the residents faces. Cons: Management and lunch breaks"

Medication Aide (Former Employee) says

"Terrible management, they play favorites and don’t take serious matters serious. The Roanoke location need to be shut down. They are ALWAYS short staffed."

Medication Aide (Former Employee) says

"I used to work for this company they care more of the pictures on the wall than the residents and paying the staff accordingly will overwork you and under pay you Cons: Management Sucks!!!!!!"

Caregiver for Elderly (Current Employee) says

"I absolutely love the residents and working with them but the staff and office workers can not be trusted and I wouldn’t feel comfortable with putting my loved ones here. There’s lots of residents being injured by falls, black eyes, broken arm and legs... staff is not experienced or properly trained. Lots of drama and gossip between staff about other staff. Bosses has written me and others up with no explanation, does not even tell you why you’re wrote up. If you just cannot find another job and this is your last option then that’s understood but definitely try to find something else first plus the pay is very minimal especially for the amount of work performed. Cons: Everything else"

LPN (Former Employee) says

"Civil as took over our buildings management and everything fell apart. They care more about saving money then taking care of the residents. Would never work for them again Cons: Poor staffing, poor management, favoritism"

Caregiver/CNA (Former Employee) says

"Everyone thats in authority are friends and are overpaid while the faithful dedicated and hard workers are mistreated and under paid. Management don't care about the residents or employees. Don't waste your time there. Ghetto and very unprofessional. Cons: Too many to list"

Medication Aide (Former Employee) says

"I used to work here & was treated very poorly the entire stay of my time , whenever a problem occurred I couldn’t talk to management because they were too involved with the gossip being messy , instead of helping , the open door policy there was Horrible because they’re all friends so none of that works , they lost a lot of good workers , the return over rate is extremely high .Even the CEO of this company doesn’t care nor tried to help . This is the worst place I’ve ever worked at Cons: The employees, Ceo, management are rude"

Caregiver (Former Employee) says

"You are underpaid and undertrained for this job. Management is abhorrent. There are definitely favorites and they will listen to baseless rumors. I have never been to such an awful company that runs so terribly. Residents are not treated with respect or dignity. There are a few wonderful employees, but it’s pretty far and few between. Management is like non-existent unless they decide you’ve done something wrong. Residents will get bruises or be medicated without reason or concern. Staff is not trained to deal with situations that may arise. Definitely not a place to work if you wish to feel happy or respected in any capacity. Cons: All of them. Ridiculous pay."

Caregiver (Former Employee) says

"I worked there for almost a year, in that time I had let management know I wanted to be a med tech they said they would give me the information I need so I can become one but they never did. I always asked for overtime but was rarely given it yet others were working doubles and everyday. Management has their favorites which seem to be the worst workers there and the hard working don’t ever get recognized"

LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) says

"Too much drama. Aides calling nurses horrible names. Residents being left wet. Administration is terrible. Nurses bullying other nurses and DON does nothing."

Caregiver (Former Employee) says

"Place is a joke. Leadership team only cares about what they lool like to the next person higher up. They allow people to do whatever they want and get away with neglect Cons: Management"

Caregiver/ Med Aide (Former Employee) says

"It was really bad. Dont work there. Bad, horrible management. Work obscene amount of hours. No recognition. They dont tell you what the job entails upon interview so when employees come in they don't last long. When you work at an assistant living place be prepared to wipe butts!"

Caregiver for Elderly (Former Employee) says

"N/A....this place need a lot of help..and management suck they dont care about the people that work for them..managment dont talk to there employers they stay in there office no good morning no how are you doing nothing This place needs new ed and a new ed assistant...."

Assistant Wellness Director (Former Employee) says

"Civitas is the worst company in every way possible. The owners ONLY care about money and not the workers or residents. They use abuse & throw you away"

LPN Staff Nurse (Current Employee) says

"While working here I was not treated as a valuable employee. The ED rarely spoke to me. I went above and beyond working in housekeeping when they had no one else. I also worked the desk on IL just to help out. Worst management I have worked with in the past 30 yrs in healthcare. This place had so much potential. Everyone is NOT treated the same."

Caregiver/Personal Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Huge turnover rate. Whenever they are short staffed, they will say anything... ANYTHING to get you hired. They will move your schedule around, have you and everyone else doing jobs that you were not trained for or hired to do! Management is horrible, a lot of people with big heads who are only there for their super large paycheck, meanwhile everyone else makes $11 an hour if they’re lucky."

Caregiver (Former Employee) says

"Low pay no raises bad management no benefits . Committee owned by CIVITAS a money hungry company. Pretend to care about residents and staff but far from the truth! Cons: Bad ownetship a d management all the way up to corporate."

Caregiver (Current Employee) says

"Management is terrible. I'd love to list names but my review wouldnt be posted. Their constantly contradicting themselves. AWD in AL is a complete liar. Starts drama between employees. Rude. Ignores complains. They over work you and cheat you on your pay. When you question it. They'll make up an excuse for it. HR isn't really HR. Constantly making new rules without enforcing them. No cameras in building work. Inside or outside. They have caregivers/ medication aides doing nurses jobs. Injection, Wound care etc. They dont properly train you on anything. If you question it or ask for help management will tell you they'll come to help you but never show up. Always short staff. They fire people they don't like. They favor employees. Management is unprofessional. If the building gets state called they'll set up employees and lie about it. Documents aren't ever read. Half of the residents they bring in aren't fully evaluated. They'll bring in people with severe behavior health issues. Or other seeking skilled facility help. They always have residents "Escaping" They false document on injuries, medication, daily task. When you try to correct them they'll say the regional director of wellness will he upset with them if they find out. You can inform the executive director all you want. She'll smile and say thank you. (In one ear and out the other)"

Caregiver for Elderly (Former Employee) says

"When I first started there it was amazing best place to work. The residents loved it. The people you worked with were all helpful. Then here come new management and down hill it goes. The works fight in the halls.residents left dead in their room for hours before anyone looks in on them. Don't work there. At one time they used chins to lock the doors because they wouldn't automatically lock chins could you imagine if a fire happened."

Facility/ Maintenance Director (Current Employee) says

"Regretted leaving previous job. I loved the company values set forth but this location or corporate office or not following through."


"I worked at Civitas Cons: The owner/president of the company, is abrasive, rude, and condescending. He only acknowledges and is considerate to those he feels are "on his level". Not only will I not work with this company again, I would not advise consumers to work with this company either."


"I worked at Civitas Cons: Not well organized. Too many working hours."

Former Employee - Landscape Architect says

"I worked at Civitas full-time for more than 5 years Cons: long hours, many designers pushed to over produce, work culture is harsh, unrealistic timelines for projects, you have to constantly be setting your boundaries"